WFN #48: Space Shuttles for Sale

Same3Guys Words from Nerds

This week’s stories:

  • Lots of Game Console sales. 3.81 million Wii units (2.15M last year) and 1M PS3s (first time at that mark)
  • Microsoft Warns of IE Zero-day Used in Google Attack. All IE versions are bad, but IE6 was targeted.
  • AT&T drops price of iPhone data plans in response to a similar move from Verizon.
  • Wii gets Netflix Streaming, but only SD. No HD for you!
  • NASA prices shuttles to move! Get your very own space shuttle for only $29 meeleon dollars!

Nerd App of the Week

  • Want your face in Lego? There’s an app for that.


  • Apple Lisa ships, $10,000 ! Jan 19, 1983 (a year later, a re-vamped Lisa2 is $6000.) First GUI EVER!. Also had awesome applications in it’s low, low price.