WFN267: It’s Apple Time

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Our thoughts on Apple’s latest announcements. Watches, super thin MacBooks. And HBO Now. What sounds good, what is disappointing? And most importantly, what’s on our wishlist?



Hosts: Tom Kresic, John Kresic, Mike Kresic

Running Time: 44:07






Nerd News Flash:

  • What do you get for a Samsung? An Apple Watch apparently.
  • Its a FREAK of nature. Well, of coding anyway
  • The I’s have it. Well, the eyes anyway. Windows 10 Biometrics
  • Use Apple Pay where ever you can?




Featured Story: Apple March Announcements

Apple MacBook

  • See the specs here at
  • USB-C will rule them all
  • or will it? USB security risk
  • Apple says screw all your old accessories! Buy all new ones! and they’re expensive!
  • NO SD slot. What’s up with that?
  • taptic engine for touchpad sounds interesting but will everyone like the feedback?
  • 8GB RAM max
  • probably lots of fans already…but none inside this macbook




AppleWatchApple Watch

  • The Sport. The Middle One. And the one that you can’t afford.
  • Mike doesn’t want one. But he’s probably gonna get one. Just because. Just not the one that’s $10,000.
  • Save your money and get a Pebble? $100, e-ink, 7 days on a charge


Apple TV

  • No new hardware announced. Price dropped
  • ok, HBO Now ($15/mo), no Satellite or Cable subscription needed.
  • Apple working with other network providers to bundle content packages. Rumors suggest June announcement at WWDC, with a September launch. Maybe new hardware then?


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