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WFN300: DisneyWorld Tech

Summary We’re turning 300! That’s like 2,100 episodes in dog years. Or something like that. We’re taking a look at some of the cool new ways Disney is using tech at their parks to make […]

WFN299: Sophisticated Heat Beams

Summary: Details of the new Star Wars experience coming to Disney Parks. A drone army that will protect filming of Episode VIII. In gear, the laziest solution you’ve ever seen for office workers, some do-it-yourself […]

WFN298: For the 8th Time

Summary Growing brains and body tissue are happening at universities in the US. For real. Authentic light sabers on KickStarter. Star Wars Episode 8 starts filming and Jason Bourne is coming back. In tech news, […]

WFN297: Brain Freeze

Summary:   Twitter plans to roll out changes that are angering its long-time user base. The technology to freeze, and later unfreeze, brains seems to have been developed. And it’s OK if you sigh. It’s […]