Category: Words from Nerds

WFN296: Who Wants an ARC Reactor?

Summary: Tony Stark doesn’t have the only ARC Reactor around anymore, thanks to MIT. Amazon’s Echo keeps getting smarter. Now it’ll water your lawn and order you a pizza. Microsoft really wants you to upgrade […]

WFN295: What’s On Our Phones

Summary: Remembering the Space Shuttle Challenger thirty years later, Facebook launches its streaming video service and Han Solo himself will show us what Disney has in store at their parks for Star Wars fans. Plus, […]

WFN294: Free Gigabit is Here

Summary: Star Wars starts a rescheduling frenzy. Terminator may be taking some time off and blazing hot WiFi hits New York City in the dead of winter.   Hosts:  Tom Kresic, John Kresic, Mike Kresic […]

WFN293: Shoot The Glass

Summary: A beloved actor passes away. A software bug is literally freezing out some customers. The Detroit Auto Show for 2016. An IOS update that will help you sleep better at night. And JJ Abrams […]