Tom had a unique opportunity over the weekend to meet with all of the NFL Head Coaches one-on-one. He’ll tell us about that experience with some surprising feedback about the Coaches. Plus, plenty of talk about the exciting NCAA Tourney and our Ohio State Buckeyes who are headed to the Final Four in New Orleans! Join us for a jam-packed edition of the podcast. It’s GameTime!

Qtr1: Several Buckeyes came up with big performances in the biggest game of the year to that point. We’re talking about the upset of #1 seed Syracuse. Who played well? Who was a no-show? How did the Buckeyes take down the Orange Men? We’re breaking it down in Quarter #1.

Qtr2: OSU took care of IntraState rival Cincinnati on Thursday to get to the Elite 8. Ohio State almost gave away the game at the start of the second half of action but regrouped after Thad Matta lit into them during a timeout. How did they respond? Who stepped up to lead the charge? We’ve got it covered.

Qtr3: Unfortunately, for Ohio sports fans, the Buckeyes were the only team to advance in the Sweet 16. The same held true for the BigTen. We’ll talk about what went wrong for Ohio U and Xavier as well as Wisconsin, Indiana and Michigan State.

Qtr4: Which NFL Head Coach surprised Tom the most when they met? What about our own Pat Shurmur? Tom’s talking about plenty of guys, including Rex Ryan, Mike Tomlin, Andy Reid and more. Find out which coach was unable to get angry even when they wanted him to be.


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