It’s the busiest sports week of the year! NBA, NHL, NCAA Hoops, NFL free agency, the start of the MLB season and the Masters. We’ll talk about a ton in our five minute quarters.  It’s GameTime!

Qtr1: Ohio State could not get past Kansas. What went wrong for the Buckeyes? We’ll break it down because we didn’t get contributions from the guys we thought we would.

Qtr2: Kentucky’s freshman got the job in the Men’s Final Monday night. Those kids are probably one-and-done. Where might they land in the NBA draft? We’ll talk about them and the other team that may see all five starters drafted in the first 15 picks. At least according to ESPN.

Qtr3: Thank goodness the Spring schedule is over because the Indians played as though they didn’t want to be there. But the games count for real beginning April 5th at the sold out Home Opener. Why aren’t fans excited this year? Are we from Missouri (show me)? We’ll debate and talk about Ubaldo’s suspension and Asdrubal’s extension.

Qtr4: The new Browns jerseys aren’t so new after all. That feels appropriate given how the front office keeps telling us things are different with the team even though they feel the same. One thing you have to give them credit for is their secrecy. Nobody really knows WHAT they’re thinking in regards to this year’s draft.


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