The Indians find their bats in Kansas City. The NFL releases a brutal schedule for the Browns. And the Cavs are limping along to the end of the season. Plenty of sports to talk about this week. Its GameTime!


Qtr1: The Indians extend Carlos Santana’s contract. And they turn to Johnny Damon for help while Grady Sizemore recovers from his latest injury. Are these good moves?

Qtr2: The bats came alive in Kansas City after a horrible home stand to begin the year. We’ll talk about the first week of the Tribe’s 2012 season.

Qtr3: The draft is one week away. What’s the dream scenario for the Browns? Is there anything they can do at this point to make dramatic improvements in their record as Mike Holmgren promised? With the new schedule, it will be tough.

Qtr4: The Cavs can’t wait for this season to end. With the 5th worst record, they seem to stand a good chance of getting one of Kentucky’s starting five if they desire since all five declared for the NBA Draft.


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