The NFL Draft is upon us. The NBA season winds down. And a chat with the Cleveland Indians from the Social Suite. It’s GameTime!


Qtr1: OK, enough of the mock drafts. It’s time for the real thing and the Browns will be on the clock on Thursday. What will they do? It’s been a well-kept secret thus far but most people THINK they’ll go for Alabama RB Trent Richardson. If he’s there, of course. Trade talk is heating up around the League.


Anne and Erin from the Cleveland Indians

Qtr2: The Indians heated up on their road trip and are back home for six games. They’re getting contributions early on from some unusual suspects. But they were in first place after action on Tuesday night. Wahoo!


Qtr3: and Qtr4: We sit down to interview Anne Keegan and Erin Parker from the Cleveland Indians to talk about how the team is using social media to reach fans in new ways. They’ve been thought leaders in this regard and their Social Suite is now in it’s third year. Besides the Social Suite, they are doing lots of new things in 2012 to reach fans, both local and out-of-State.



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