Now that the NFL Draft is over and we know what the Browns did, where do you stand? Are you a glasses half-full or half-empty on their moves? They have a new QB and RB and some help on the O Line. But where are the receivers? We’re talking NFL Draft and the 1st place Cleveland Indians. It’s GameTime!


Qtr1: The Browns get a new backfield and bolster their offensive line.

Qtr2: But where are the Receivers? Who’s gonna catch the balls from BW3?

Qtr3: Other NFL Draft observations. A punter in the 3rd round for JAX? Kirk Cousins for the RG3-led Redskins? Lots of trades in the 1st round. Weird, weird stuff!

Qtr4: We take back what we said about Derek Lowe. Where would the team be without him after one month of the season?


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