Injuries pile up at the heart of the Tribe’s order. How will it affect this team that is one year older than when this happened in 2011? And the NBA Draft Lottery is upon us. Can the Cavs get lucky two years in a row? We’ll soon find out. It’s GameTime!


Qtr1: Hafner, Cabrera, Santana and Hannahan all get injured as the Tribe gets swept by the White Sox. Is this deja vu or will Manny Acta’s squad be able to avoid the collapse from 2011 when injuries ravaged a once-promising season?

Qtr2: Lonnie Chisenhall will get a chance to lay claim to the 3rd base job. Will the glimpse of major league pitching that he got last year be enough to put him over the top in 2012?

Qtr3: The Cavs will pick somewhere between 1 and 6 in the 2012 NBA Draft. We’ll know for sure on Wednesday night as the Draft Lottery takes place in New York. Dan Gilbert is not taking any chances so he is bringing his good luck charms from 2011 with him again.

Qtr4: The NBA playoffs are down to the Final Four. Can any of these clubs stop the Lebron freight train? Boy, we sure hope so.


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