Congratulations to the Kent State Golden Flashes as they beat Florida on Monday 5-4 to stay alive in the College World Series! Their exciting game was taking place as we recorded the podcast, but we’ll talk about some baseball, including the Indians and talk some NBA Hoops as the NBA Draft gets closer. What will the Cavs do at #4 and #24? It’s GameTime!


Qtr1: The NBA Draft comes up next week. Will the Cavs make a deal to move up from #4 or will they stay pat? What would you do to add some talent to go alongside Kyrie? These are questions GM Chris Grant is pondering and we’ll share our thoughts.

Qtr2: The NBA Finals have Miami up 2-1 over the Oklahoma City Thunder. Will this be the year LBJ finally gets his first ring? He’s stepped up his play this year in the Finals. But will it last? And can Kevin Durant and company make a comeback? That’s what all Cleveland fans want to know!

Qtr3: If you could ask Mark Shapiro one question, what would it be? Mike wants to know as he may get that opportunity at a Town Hall meeting later this week. The Indians could use help in a lot of places. But, in spite of all the talk about needing a right-handed stick and/or a better Left Fielder, the real concern on this team is one that we thought would be a strength heading into the season. What is it? We’ll explain on the show.

Qtr4: Kent State held on to win a nail-biter against the #1 ranked Florida Gators. That was sweet revenge for the entire State of Ohio and great for KSU after their tough loss to Arkansas last week. The path for the Golden Flashes does not get any easier from here on out. Can they advance?


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