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1Q: Cavs Draft – Dion Waiters

  • Most draft experts think we reached for Dion. No mock drafts had him going earlier than 7. Did the Cavs reach too high for him and leave a better player on the board?
  • People want to know why we drafted a guy not good enough to start for his own college team. His former coach (Jim Boeheim) and his new one (Byron Scott) say ‘yes, but he FINISHED all of them’.

2Q: Cavs Draft – Tyler Zeller

  • Zeller is a true 7’ center that can run the floor (good for a young team).
  • He’s projected to be a 12pts, 10 rebs kind of guy. Is that good enough for a 1st round pick considering what we gave up to get him?
  • Our polls on Waiters and Zeller are still open, so cast your vote.

3Q: College Football Gets a Playoff System… Finally

  • This took forever, but they approved a playoff system. They should’ve just listened to Mike for the last several years. That could’ve saved us all a bunch of time and agony.
  • The four-team playoff won’t start until 2014 and some details have yet to be revealed.
  • Don’t forget that Ohio State is not bowl eligible in 2013.
4Q: Indians have a lousy week
  • The dropped 2 of 3 to Houston and were then swept by the Yankees in New York.
  • They salvaged the road trip by taking 3 of 4 against the Orioles.
  • Masterson and Ubaldo pitched well in June, but the rest of the starters are terrible (Lowe, Tomlin and Gomez).
  • Lonnie Chisenhall on injured list after getting hit in arm by pitch will miss 10-12 weeks (likely the rest of the season).
  • The team is 40-38 as they near the halfway point of the season.
  • Asdrubal Cabrera and Chris Perez named to the AllStar team.
  • If Perez, how many more times will we have to hear him vent on the Cleveland sports fans?
  • Kipnis deserved to be selected, but in his 1st full season this wasn’t going to happen.


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