The Indians fast fade continues as they make a joke of a trade. Mike has seen enough. Let’s talk Browns. And penalties for Penn State. It’s GameTime!


1Q: What are the Indians doing?

  • Why did we acquire 28 year old, .212 career hitter Brent Lillibridge?
  • What message is the Indians’ front office trying to send us?
  • Stop with the focus groups, free buss passes and dollar hot dogs! Build a legitimate team and quit relying on 2007’s playoff team as your proof that you know what you’re doing. Enough!

2Q: Should the Indians be buyers or sellers?

  • Rumors have been floating around that teams want some of our guys (Chris Perez and Shin Shoo Choo).
  • How many games out are we for the wild card spots? 3.5
  • How many games out are we for the AL Central title? 4.0
  • After declaring the playoff window open last year by trading for Ubaldo, are they closing it already if they start selling off guys?

3Q: Browns Picks in the Fold

  • The team signed Trent Richardson and Brandon Weeden to their rookie contracts, meaning none of our picks will miss any training camp time. That includes supplemental pick WR Josh Gordon.
  • T-Rich got a fully guaranteed, 4 year deal.
  • Weeden was hoping for the same but compromised at 3.5 years fully guaranteed.
  • Hopefully both players outperform their rookie contracts anyway and we won’t have to worry about offset language and what they should be getting paid if they are cut.
  • Should be a big difference from last year when the lockout prevented the rookies from getting any time to learn a new system until the shortened training camp.
  • Has the timer started on Colt McCoy? With BW3 officially signed, will they move him in a trade (or release him) to prevent any awkwardness in camp? Or will they hold onto him in case of injury — either on our team or on another team (which would increase his trade value)?


4Q: Penn State gets penalties

  • School took down the statue on Sunday, knowing that the penalties were coming the very next day. What took them so long to take it down? Example of the problems the school has taking swift action if they couldn’t even be decisive about this.
  • NCAA and BigTen handed out penalties on Monday.
  • What do you make of this? Too lenient? Too harsh?
  • What the NCAA did sounds harsh at first, but $60M represents what the football program brings in for one year. How many years do they get to pay out that fine? It won’t all be due in YR1, so they will still be pulling in money, right?
  • Vacating 112 wins dating to 1998 is stupid. But it was the only way they could knock Paterno off the record books.
  • Letting students transfer immediately was good.
  • Athletic Dept on probation for five years. Duh!
  • Reduction in scholarships, no bowl games, no BigTen championship game appearances for four years is the crux of the penalty here. This really penalizes people that had nothing to do with the crimes.
  • What did you want to see happen?


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