The Browns get a new owner, but injuries and suspensions are the story of the day. And how did the Indians season fall apart so quickly? We’ve got plenty to talk about this week, and it’s not all good. But it’s GameTime!


1Q: Training Camp

  • The Haden suspension is a shocker. Not what we needed, especially with the other injuries and suspensions on the defensive side of the ball.
  • Quite a surprise from a guy so well-liked in the community.
  • Will he miss the first four games of the season or appeal?

2Q: T-Rich to have more surgery

  • Trent Richardson is going to see Dr. James Andrews to have his surgically repaired knee checked out. Looks like he will have surgery on Thursday. Oh, oh.
  • Friday’s game against Detroit was supposed to be our first chance to see Weeden, Richardson and the revamped offense in action. Guess we’ll have to wait.
  • No surprise, Shurmur named Weeden the starter.
  • It’s possible we may start the season without our #1 draft picks from the last three years (Haden, Taylor and Richardson).

3Q: Browns Sale

  • Jimmy Haslam met the media and talked about winning and accountability.
  • The buck stops with him. He says we should judge him by wins and losses. How refreshing!
  • Adamant that the culture of losing is over and will be aggressive in trying to change it immediately.
  • Will sit in the stands on Wednesday with the fans to start listening to their feedback. He loves the passion of our fans.
  • New unis, new stadium name, new attitude are getting fans excited.

4Q: Has the Tribe quit?

  • While Haslam talks about accountability, where are the Dolans in the midst of the total collapse of their team this month?
  • You can’t fire all the players. But someone has to be picking better players. Our track record in the draft has been lousy for years. And we have little to show for the trades of TWO Cy Young Award winners.
  • Fans are TICKED OFF.
  • Their 0-9 roadtrip set a team record! That’s one that had never been done in over 100 years of baseball.


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