Are you ready for some football? We are and the NFL season is almost here. This week we are previewing the sixteen teams from the NFL’s National Football Conference. How will RG3 do in Washington? Can the Giants repeat or will the 49ers take their place? Don’t forget the Packers. And how bad will BountyGate hurt the Saints this year? It’s GameTime!


Q1: NFC East

  • Dallas, NY Giants, Philadelphia and Washington make up one of the toughest divisions in the NFL.
  • Can the Giants repeat as SuperBowl champs or will they suffer the dreaded hangover?
  • Is this another year for the Cowboys to underachieve or can they pull it all together?
  • Is RG3 all hype or will he breathe new life into the Washington Redskins?
  • Vince Young is gone, but can the Eagles’ Dream Team live up to their billing or are they all playing not to get hurt (this means you, Desean Jackson)?


Q2: NFC North

  • Chicago, Detroit, Green Bay and Minnesota form the Black and Blue Division.
  • With some weapons at WR for Jay Cutler, are they the sleeper team that everyone is overlooking in 2012?
  • Can the Lions continue their ascent or will their off-field problems cause them to stumble? MegaTron and Stafford have to stay healthy for them to have any chance.
  • How focused will the Packers be after their early exit in the postseason last year? It’s scary to think how much better a 15-1 team can be but their success in measured in post-season performance.
  • Minnesota has a lot of questions including at QB and the return to good health of Adrian Peterson. They’ll bring up the rear.

Q3: NFC South

  • Atlanta, Carolina, New Orleans and Tampa Bay.
  • Atlanta is an enigma. Are they the team from 2010 or the team we saw last year? Matty Ice needs to step it up. But he’s not the only one down in Hotlanta.
  • Cam Newton had a phenomenal rookie year. With some additional help around him, will the Panthers take advantage of problems in New Orleans or does the League have him figured out?
  • Sean Payton gets to watch football this year, just like us. How much of an effect will this and the other suspensions have on the Saints? Drew Brees and his offense are still there. Can they overcome all of this to even make it back to post season?
  • Tampa Bay has a new coach. Can he right the buccaneer ship that sunk so quickly after a promising 2010?

Q4: NFC West

  • Arizona, San Francisco, St. Louis and Seattle
  • The Cards don’t have a QB. Period.
  • San Francisco should win this division easily. If they don’t, something’s wrong.
  • St. Louis doesn’t have enough talent. Jeff Fisher has his work cut out for him.
  • The Seahawks could be a team on the rise. Flynn/Wilson will give them better QB play than Tavaris Jackson. And they have some other weapons from recent drafts and free agency. Oh, yeah. And the 12th man.

We’ll make our post-season picks at the end of the show. There are some surprises, for sure.

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