The Browns looked out of it against the Bills and fell to 0-3 on the year. Will it get any better with a short week to prepare for the Ravens? Will we see the regular NFL referees for this game or, perhaps, this weekend? And what should we expect as the Buckeyes open up conference play this Saturday in a year when the entire BigTen seems to be having a down year? We’ve got plenty to debate. It’s GameTime!


1Q: Browns Fall Again at Home

  • Browns fall to Buffalo 24-14.
  • Two 3 and outs by the offense with a home crowd behind them was not a great way to get things going.
  • Defense gave up two TD scores on Buffalo’s drives to put the team in a big early hole.
  • Secondary continues to show how weak (and young) we are back there.
  • No coincidence that Weeden plays well when T-Rich rushes well. QBs need the threat of a ground game otherwise defenses tee off on them.
  • Browns rushed for 33 YARDS the ENTIRE GAME!
  • Weeden still has not shown any kind of touch on deep passes.
  • Richardson looked like he did against the Eagles, getting few yards with small holes behind an over-rated offensive line.

2Q: More Browns but less Greg Little please

  • Greg Little getting a lot of criticism for his Usain Bolt moves after getting 1st down catches. He may get benched this week.
  • Who would you start at WR? Mike likes Travis Benjamin and Josh Gordan with Jordan Cameron at TE (let’s let the young guys develop together). Let Norwood and Cribbs be #3 and #4.
  • What will the Browns do against Baltimore on Thursday night? Will it be an ugly game on national TV?


3Q: The Replacement Refs are an embarrassment

  • react to the officiating (call at end of GB/SEA game on MNF)
  • missed Pass Interference in end zone, bad calls on roughing QB and Defensive PI that kept the final drive alive.
  • Matt Schaub lost part of his ear in a rough hit. Darrius Heyward-Bay knocked out in PIT/OAK game.
  • Coaches and players critical (Clay Matthews tweeted Goodell’s phone number, Belichick grabbed ref after game, etc)

4Q: Are the Buckeyes ready for BigTen play?

  • Buckeyes beat UAB 29-15
  • sounding like a broken record. defense bad. Miller rushes us to victory.
  • Conference play is here. What will be in store?
  • Michigan State up first as the Buckeyes travel to Lansing.


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