The Browns get their first win of the year. And they got contributions from all three phases of the game. On Tuesday they will get their new owner. The Buckeyes remain unbeaten, though they needed every point to hold off a feisty Indiana team. It’s GameTime!


1Q: Buckeyes Hang on to Defeat the Hoosiers

  • Hoosiers made this one too close. OSU 52-49.
  • Luke Fickell’s defense sucked!! Gave up 35 pts in 2nd half and 481 total yards.
  • Took first drive for a TD. Devin Smith then dropped an easy pass in end zone on 2nd drive (got FG instead)
  • Indiana then scored on a long run and blocked our next punt to go ahead 14-10.
  • Indiana DLinemen spent a lot of time in our backfield, keeping Braxton from getting loose.
  • Felt like OSU felt overconfident after ease of first drive and didn’t seem to be in it that much early on.
  • Too much dancing around in backfield and east-west running.
  • Buckeyes return the favor and get a TD on a blocked punt in Q2 after defense held Hoosiers inside their 10. (regained lead 17-14)
  • On next drive, Braxton finds Devin Smith for a 60yd TD bomb. (OSU 24-14).
  • Running game took over in 3rd as OSU added more scores.
  • Bad INT by Braxton as OSU was inside the 10. 3 plays later, IND hit on a 76yd TD.
  • Great game by Carlos Hyde.
  • Great scamper for a TD by Devin Smith, breaking tackles for about 40 yards.(he dropped some passes but caught some great TDs too)
  • Defense gave up way too many points. Granted IU has a good passing game. But Bucks need to be stingier on defense.


2Q: Browns Win Their 1st Game of the Year

  • The Browns beat Cincy 34-24.
  • Cribbs had some good punt returns.
  • Sheldon Brown played as good as he has in a long time, deflecting passes and getting a huge Pick-6.
  • Haden was busting up plays in his first game back from suspension, though he was badly burned on that TD bomb to AJ Green.
  • Do you think having Haden back inspired the DBs?
  • Front line was missing Rubin today (as well as Taylor) but played well with two rookies (Hughes and Winn). Winn picked up the Dalton fumble and rumbled for a bunch of yards, locking up the win.


3Q: Weeden is getting better

  • The birthday boy QB played well. He is connecting on long throws now, hitting another bomb with Gordan.
  • Gordan has shown nice hands.
  • Josh Cooper was a welcomed addition to a team missing three WRs due to injuries (MoMass, Norwood and ???)
  • Montario Hardesty sighting. He played when T-Rich got hurt and did very well. Also held onto the ball for a change.
  • In 3Q, I thought Browns were becoming too predictable again. Only passes were to the sidelines and rushes up the middle.
  • BW3 had three passes knocked down at the line.

4Q: Did this win save Shurmur’s job for 2012?

  • If we had been blown out at home, would Haslam have had to fire Shurmur even though he said he would wait until the end of the year to make any changes?
  • Can the Browns parlay this win with another in Indy?


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