The Browns “dropped” another one, this time against the Colts in Jimmy Haslam’s first game as owner of the team. Meanwhile, Ohio State came from behind in stunning fashion with a backup QB to steal a win from Purdue. Lots of football to talk about this week. It’s GameTime!


1Q: Buckeyes and Purdue

  • Buckeyes come back to beat Purdue 29-22 in OT.
  • Purdue hit on 83 yard TD bomb on 1st play from scrimmage. (PAT failed).
  • OSU scored later in 1st on Miller’s 8yd rushing TD.
  • Purdue took ensuing kickoff 100 yards for a TD.
  • Strange sequence late in Q3. Buckeyes block a Purdue FG late in Q3, then Miller hurt after 38yd gain on ensuing possession. Then Drew Basil misses a 50YD FG.
  • Then Guiton led a TD drive with under a minute remaining and they scored a TD with 3 secs left. They got the 2pt conversion to tie the game. Then we won it in OT.

2Q: Haslam Regime Gets Underway

  • Banner in. Holmgren out.
  • Other changes will wait until after the year.
  • Now Holmgren says he may want to coach again.


3Q: Browns lose a game they should have won

  • Colts beat the Browns 17-13.
  • Lots of chances to win.
  • Hodges sucks (poor punting, dropped PAT after 1st TD)
  • Gordan dropped an easy TD that would have given us the lead late.
  • Punt on 4th & 1 after a timeout???
  • Sheldon Brown hurts this team. Can’t cover or tackle any more.
  • Why start T-Rich when obvious he was really bothered by rib injury. Shurmur went to Hardesty in the 2nd half. We only rushed 17 times (vs 41 passes). Still passing too much.
  • Weeden played very well (no INTs, QB rating in the 90s, shoulda had 3 TDs if not for Gordan’s drop)
  • Cooper continues to look good (final pass was behind him, not his fault).
  • 2 penalties on Ray Ventrone on kick returns.

4Q: Browns’ inexperience not just with the players

  • plenty of bad coaching decisions contributed to this loss, again.
  • Shurmur actually thinks he admits when he’s wrong. Say what?


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