The Browns disappointed the fans and themselves with a poor performance against the Ravens. Things were better for the Buckeyes as they won their 10th straight. And the Cavs are 2-2 after the first week of the season. You win some, you lose some. It’s GameTime!


1Q: Buckeyes beat up Illinois

  • No contest in this 52-22 win for the Buckeyes.
  • Defense easily handled the Illini.
  • Offense was explosive.
  • Hyde had a big day. (18 for 137yds, 3TDs)
  • Miller looked better passing (12/20, 226yds, 2TDs) after working on foot work during the week.
  • The team gets a bye before finishing up with Wisconsin and That School Up North.


2Q: Browns lay an egg against the Ravens

  • Browns lose to Baltimore 25-15.
  • horrible from the very beginning, fall behind 14-0 early
  • how many times are they going to run that 1 yard out pattern???
  • how many times did they run pass routes short of the 1st down marker???
  • Weeden had his worst game since the opener against Philly.

3Q: Browns hit the bye week at 2-7

  • Dawson was our only offense all day with 5 FGs
  • questionable play calling (4th down attempt in our territory after punting in Colts territory two weeks earlier?)
  • how many times did we have to burn timeouts b/c we couldn’t call a play??!!!
  • defense played well when we were trailing, but gave up TD scores at the beginning and then as soon as we had the lead, so they can’t get an “A”.
  • we keep throwing on 3rd-and-1. Wasn’t T-RICH our 1st pick for crying out loud?
  • too bad Haslam already committed to no coaching change mid-season.
  • Shurmur is not doing anything to help the team win. he is a poor leader. he can’t put together a way to win a game.

4Q: Cavs split their first four

  • The team went 2-2 in their first week of the new season.
  • Beat a bad Wizards team on opening night.
  • Routed by the Bulls
  • Came back to tie Milwaukee only to lose on buzzer beater with <1 second remaining.
  • Impressive in a win over the Clippers in LA on Monday night.
  • Irving and Waiters will be the guys that have to provide the scoring for this young team, as they did on Monday night.
  • Zeller will be a solid player on both ends of the floor (though he got an elbow to the face in LA)
  • Wild Thing will give you the hustle and rebounds to keep you close. the question with him, though is WHEN not IF he will get injured and missed extended time this season,
  • Games in Golden State, Phoenix and Oklahoma City on this trip that concludes in Brooklyn against the Nets next week. A good early road test for a young team.


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