The Browns rout the Peyton Hillis and the other former Browns. Does the three game winning streak have you feeling good about the team’s direction? How about the Cavs and Indians? Our hoops team is struggling while the Tribe is trying to get you excited about next year’s ball club. Lots of sports to talk about. It’s GameTime!


 1Q: Browns and Chiefs

  • Browns beat KC 30-7.
  • we gave up the long TD to Charles on the FIRST PLAY of the game!!! (untouched)
  • Browns D shut down the Chiefs after that. Quinn, Hills & Dabol unable to get revenge against us.
  • Travis Benjamin sets a record for longest punt return in Browns history.
  • Richardson tied Jim Brown’s rookie record of 9 rushing TDs. (rushing or total?)
  • Weeden was OK. Passes getting batted down too often, and at least three passes that should have been INTs but were dropped by the Chiefs.
  • Gordon & Little played very well.


2Q: What direction will Haslam and Banner take in January?

  • Why remove Heckert? Are the Browns seriously considering this???
  • How do you do better than what Heckert has done? I thought we needed consistency and guys here for the long run. Why start by getting rid of a guy who has done very well?
  • This REALLY bothers me and I hope the rumors are untrue.


3Q: Indians OffSeason

  • The Indians have signed Orioles 1B Mark Reynolds to a one year deal.
  • No other signings yet, but the Indians have been active.
  • What is their strategy? Win or rebuild?
  • Kevin Youkilis? Jason Bay? Shane Victorino?
  • Meanwhile, the Royals just traded for James Shields from Tampa.


4Q: Cavs woes continue

  • Kyrie and Waiters out with injuries. Expected back for Lakers game on Tuesday (amazing how the sight of the Purple & Gold makes guys get healthy all of a sudden).
  • Dan Gilbert keeps tweeting that we need to be patient. It’s only been “18 short months” according to the Cavs’ owner.
  • We’ve got the 2nd worst record in the League!
  • Verajao has been great averaging double doubles. Gotta trade him before he goes out for season with his usual injury. Love the guy, but he is not our future. And his best contribution to us may be in what he brings in return in a trade. Not enough good young guys on the team (Kyrie, Tristan, Zeller and Waiters is not spectacular after Kyrie)


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