As 2012 comes to an end, we look back at the biggest stories in Cleveland sports throughout the year. From the College World Series to the Olympics, and of course our Browns, Cavs, Indians and Buckeyes we will talk about the highs and lows and peek ahead to what may be in store for 2013. Its GameTime!


1Q: Browns Season Almost Over

  • Blown out in Denver 34-12.
  • Injuries to Weeden and T-Rich mean time for subs.
  • But Colt injured, too. So Thad Lewis may start against PIT.
  • Hardesty & Brandon Jackson (finally active) should play.
  • Joe Thomas and Phil Dawson selected to Pro Bowl.
  • Cribbs, D’Qwell and Alex Mack are alternates.
  • Chance to sweep the Steelers.


2Q: What changes are coming?

  • Shurmur and Heckert will be gone before New Years.
  • Where will the changes end?
  • Is Lombardi coming, as feared/predicted?
  • Where does Haslam turn for his head coach? College? Announcer booth? NFL Assistant?
  • Weeden a lock to return as starter?


3Q: 2012 Year in Review

  • Kent State first College World Series appearance in school history
  • NE Ohioans in the Summer Olympics
  • Buckeyes:
    • Hoops team went to the Final 4 (lost to Kansas 64-62 in the Semi Final)
    • Football team struggled under Luke Fickell in the wake of Tattoo Gate.
    • Then hired Urban Meyer and went 12-0 in his 1st year


4Q: 2012 Year in Review continued

  • Cavs (21-45 in 2011-12):
    • Rebuilding has meant bad basketball.
    • Kyrie was Rookie of Year.
    • Dumped some veterans, like Antawn Jamison and Antony Parker to go younger.
    • Dion Waiters and Tyler Zeller picked in the draft.
    • Just not enough talent.
    • Need to hit a big lottery pick b/c FAs won’t sign here.
  • Indians (68-94):
    • Team flames out in August (11 game losing streak starts July 27th, one day after BEATING Justin Verlander!). The lost 14 of 15 in a separate streak.
    • Grady Sizemore resigned for 2012, but never played.
    • Travis Hafner continued to be injured.
    • Many others failed to meet expectations (Masterson, Santana, Choo among them)
    • Chris Perez great year on the field, but too much twitter off of it.
    • Manny Acta fired. Terry Francona brought in.
    • Shin Shoo Choo traded
  • Browns (5-10):
    • Draft T-Rich, Weeden, Schwartz, Winn,
    • Jim Brown calls TRich ‘ordinary’. Still ticked at Holmgren.
    • We reach high for unknown Josh Gordon in the Supplemental Draft (2nd rd pick)
    • Haslam ownership change at the start of training camp

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