The Browns selected former Offensive Coordinator Rob Chudzinski to be their new Head Coach. Turner and Horton will coordinate the Offense & Defense. Lombardi, to the surprise of no one, is named to the front office. The busy offseason for the Browns is just getting started.
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1Q: Chudzinski named Browns Head Coach

  • The Browns surprised many in Cleveland and around the NFL by selecting Carolina Rob Chudzinksi as their new Head Coach.
  • They never interviewed Bruce Arians or Lovie Smith.
  • They brought Ken Whisenhunt in for a second interview on Thursday before choosing Chud.
  • And their level of interest in Chip Kelly is getting spun by Joe Banner.
  • But the team says they got their man and will now need to make moves to help him and make them look smart.
  • What player moves will we see? New 3-4 defense? New QB?

2Q: Turner and Horton will be the Coordinators

  • Norv Turner (great OC during Dallas’ SB runs in early 90s). Could have collected paycheck from SD and stayed retired a few years. but chose to come here and help Chud.
  • Ray Horton, former DC in Arizona, was thought to be candidate for their HC job before Ariens got it last week. Players seem to like him. He doesn’t appear to be stuck on 4-3 or 3-4, though he ran 3-4 in Arizona.
  • Some coaches, including ST Coach, were retained.
  • Others starting to be announced, slowly.

3Q: NFC Championship Game recap

  • (#2) 49ers 28, (#1) Falcons 24
    • Falcons jumped to early 17-0 lead. 2nd week in a row they got the big lead only to let it slip away.
    • They couldn’t stop the 49ers once they got things going themselves.
    • Momentum change when Crabtree fumbled at the 1, but ATL could do nothing with it on ensuing possession.
    • Kaepernick did not have the huge rushing game he did against GB. He beat ATL with his arm.
    • Ryan had a bad INT and then a fumbled shotgun snap.


4Q: AFC Championship Game Recap

  • (#4) Ravens 28, (#2) Patriots 13
    • Patriots could not score in the 2nd half. How is that possible?
    • NE held to 13 points? And they gave up 21 pts in the 2nd half?
    • NE pts this yr: 34, 18, 30, 52, 31, 23, 29, 45, 37, 59, 49, 23, 42, 34, 23, 28, 41
    • Brady poor decisions at end of 1st half (getting tackled in bounds, failing to call TO quick enough, then having to settle for FG). 2 INTs in the game.
    • Both ATL and NE played conservative and it cost them.
    • Anquan Boldin huge again for Ravens. 5 catches for 60yds and TWO TDs.

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