How are YOUR brackets after the first weekend of the NCAA Tournament? We’ll recap the zany week that has us all talking about Florida Gulf Coast and the Buckeyes last second win. Plus, the Indians get ready to break camp in Arizona and the Browns keep signing third stringers. What’s going on here? It’s GameTime!


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1Q: Aaron Craft is clutch for Ohio State

  • Buckeyes took care of business and routed Iona (the Gaels) 95-70 as they should have.

  • In Rd2, the Buckeyes needed a last second 3 pointer from Aaron Craft to stave off an upset by Iowa State. OSU 78 Iowa State 75.

  • Craft was key figure late in the game, turning the ball over, committing a foul, breaking up a pass, missing a FT, drawing a questionable charge and then holding the ball in the final possession until time also expired and hitting a CLUTCH 3pt shot.

  • Cyclones came back from a 15 point deficit to take the lead. Close game after that. Lots of sharp shooting from Iowa State kept them in it. (they made 12 3pt shots).

  • Ross hit some big shots for OSU.

  • Deshaun Thomas came up limping after that loose ball scuffle late in the game. That probably kept him from taking the big shot at the end.

2Q: Brackets Go Boom

  • They don’t call it March Madness for nothing! Florida Gulf Coast shocks the world by upsetting Georgetown in Rd 1. They advance to the Sweet 16 as does #13 LaSalle.

  • The 1st weekend saw in the Rd of 64:

    • #2 Georgetown got upset by #15 Florida Gulf Coast

    • #5 Wisconsin lost to #12 Ole Miss

    • #4 Kansas State lost to #13 LaSalle

    • #3 New Mexico fell to #14 Harvard

    • #5 UNLV fell to #12 California

  • Rd of 32:

    • #1 Gonzaga lost to #9 Wichita State

  • Four Big Ten teams still alive in the Sweet 16:

    • Indiana

    • Ohio State

    • Michigan State

    • Michigan

  • Wisconsin was upset in the 1st round

  • Illinois & Minnesota lost in the Rd of 32.



3Q: Checking in on the Tribe in Spring Training

  • In games that do not matter, the Indians are 16-12 in spring ball.

  • Francona has a lot of decisions to make as he picks the club that will open the season.

  • The starting rotation will still be the sore spot of this ballclub (a former reliever, Brett Myers, is your #3 starter). Masterson and #4 starter Zach McAllister have been spotty.

  • Looks like Closer Chris Perez will be ready to go following his “injury”.

  • Opening Day is a week away (open on road in Toronto and Tampa before coming home to face the Yankees on April 8th).



4Q: The Browns keep signing reserves

  • Forget any major additions, the Browns keep signing backup/role players on the cheap.

  • They signed TE Kellen Davis and CB Chris Owens to one year deals. They also signed CB Kevin Barnes to a one year deal. Barnes was out of football last year after getting waived by Detroit. Yes, the same Lions team that had a crappy backfield didn’t even want him. So much for quality over quantity.

  • They don’t seem to want to spend all of their money this year; opting to save some for next year.

  • We weren’t even INTERESTED in a guy like Elvis Dumerville? Somehow he was good enough for the SuperBowl Champions! What about Brent Grimes? This is a starting-quality CB still out there. Are we going to let someone else sign him?

  • Owner Jimmy Haslam has said “we’re not going to be 13-3 next year. we’re trying to build something.” Inspiring, isn’t it? Doesn’t that make you want to rush out and spend your money on tickets?

  • NOTE: the Browns announced the signing of QB Jason Campbell WHILE we were recording, so we won’t comment on that move until next week’s show.


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