Pilot Flying J is in big trouble. How will this affect the Browns? This mess makes the NFL Draft seem much less important, but it’s still coming on Thursday. What do the Banner/Lombardi duo have in store? We’ll soon find out. It’s GameTime!

Hosts: Mike KresicTom Kresic

Running Time: 43:29



1Q: FBI Affidavit alleges Haslam fully aware of fraud activities

  • Innocent until proven guilty, but this can’t possibly end well for Haslam or Pilot Flying J. Best case, Haslam will be cleared, but his company won’t. And it’s not going to help sales.
  • On Monday, Haslam outline his “5 point plan” which basically passed the blame to everyone else in his organization. His points include:
    • placed several employees on administrative leave.
    • hiring a compliance officer
    • hiring an external auditor to report to the Board
    • stopping their manual sales transactions
  • What will this mean for his ownership of the Browns?
  • How will the NFL (Goodell and other owners) react? Will they allow him to continue owning the team? Will they ask him to step down?
  • Is this a bad dream? What in the world is happening here?


2Q: NFL Draft

  • Banner & Lombardi’s 1st draft with the Browns comes up on Thursday. Could it also be their last (if another ownership change is ahead)?

  • Will they trade down?

  • There’s no way they take Milliner if the CB is still on the board, is there? Banner seems to value D-Line & O-Line.

  • Can they find a partner to trade down and get more picks?

  • There’s no way they take a QB in the 1st round, is there?


3Q: Byron Scott out as Cavs Coach

  • Said he doesn’t believe he got fair shake.
  • thought he’d be coaching LBJ when hired

  • never had Verajao for more than 31 games in any of his 3 seasons

  • where were the free agents?

  • Omri Casspi?

  • Team rumored to be courting Mike Brown to come back. What in the world is happening here?

  • No chance Phil Jackson comes here, despite ESPN report saying that Gilbert reached out to him.



4Q: Big Ten will realign again in 2014

  • Finally dumping the Legends and Leaders designation.

  • Big Ten divisions will be aligned geographically and named accordingly as East and West

  • Dropping protected games between divisions with one exception.

  • Intended to allow teams to get 7 home games.

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