The Indians hit hard times on and off the field. With upcoming games against AL Central opponents, can they right the ship to stay in the race? We’ll also talk about Josh Gordan and some of the decisions facing the Cavs as the NBA Draft nears. It’s GameTime!

Hosts: Mike KresicTom Kresic

Running Time: 36:50

1Q: Tribe Hits Hard Times

  • Lots of people struggling.

  • Cabrera hurt his leg and is on the DL.

  • Zach McAllister on the DL with a sore finger.

  • Swisher struggling with a sore shoulder.

  • Who else is struggling?

  • Who isn’t? Kluber and Kipnis (co-players of the week)

  • Our pitching is 13th in the AL. (dead last in Saves, 13th in BB issued)

  • Our batting is 6th. (10th in Runs scored, 4th in HR, 5th in RBI)

  • They get a failing grade for that 3 week stretch of games we talked about last month.

  • Can they get healthy against some division opponents not named Detroit now?

2Q: Perez’s Problems

  • That’s a LOT of ganja.

  • Does his dog walk around stoned? Or maybe the dog has glaucoma?

  • Will he request to be traded to Colorado (where it’s been legalized)?

  • Is his birthday April 20th?

  • What impact does his absence mean for Terry Francona’s bullpen?


3Q: Gordan’s Troubles

  • This has to be his second offense, since the first is kept private. Right?

  • The third offense means you are out for a year.

  • For a player to be suspended, he must have violated the policy at least one other time. That means that Gordon — who failed three marijuana tests in college and was dismissed from Baylor and Utah — has tested positive at least five times since October, 2010.

  • Maybe this is why the team pursued Davone Bess and David Nelson in the offseason.

  • Banner has not had much positive to say about him. Perhaps they knew of these off-the-field issues already?

  • His two game suspension means he’ll miss the Miami and Baltimore games to start the season.

4Q: Cavs Souring on Nerlins?

  • Rumors suggesting that the team is very concerned with the knee situation and may be considering other options at the #1 pick.

  • ESPN’s latest mock draft.

  • No new trade rumors as of yet as the Cavs front office does their due diligence.

  • Draft is June 27th.

  • The Spurs lead the Heat 3-2 in the NBA Finals. Can San Antonio finish the job?

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