The Browns picked up their first win of the season with an unlikely starter at QB and our starting RB playing for the Colts. Ohio State crushed FAMU in their final tune-up before conference play gets underway. And the Indians are fighting for their playoff lives as the final week of the MLB season is upon us. It’s GameTime!



Hosts: Mike KresicTom Kresic

Running Time: 43:59



1Q: What a week in Browns Town

  • The trade of Trent Richarson to the Colts was the talk of the NFL world this week. Were the Browns tanking to get a top QB next year?

  • Have they already seen enough of Brandon Weeden?

  • Why name Hoyer over Campbell if you’re not tanking?

  • Then the game started and the Browns looked like a real NFL team for a change.

  • The offense moved in the 1st half with Hoyer, who looked accurate for the most part. He did throw 3 INTs, two of which were right to defenders. One was a result of his arm getting hit while throwing.

  • MetroDome is a tough place to play, lots of noise. Credit to the team for cutting down on the penalties. Credit to Hoyer for this? or elsewhere?

  • Fake punt earned a 1st down. Fake FG to a WIDE OPEN Cameron scored a TD.

  • Defense looked pretty good stopping AP. Mingo’s speed is as advertised.

  • Craig Robertson jumped high to tip a pass that TJ Ward then intercepted.



2Q: The Berea mess

  • Team did good to get a 1st rd pick for Trent.

  • Rumors on Sunday emerged that we are also shopping Gordan, Little and maybe Thomas. Probably just network guys trying to make headlines.

  • Also rumor emerged that we will be in heavy pursuit of Free Agent-to-be RB Ben Tate from Houston in the off season. No way Browns overpay for a RB with mileage. Expect them to draft one in a middle round.

  • Would you trade Gordan if you could get a 1st round pick for him? That’s higher than where we drafted him and he IS just a strike away from being suspended for a year. But this guy has the whole package – speed, good hands, size. He’s a top WR in the league already, isn’t he? Lots of teams would love to have him.



3Q: Can the Indians hang on in the final week?

  • Tribe is 86-70 after Sunday’s games.

  • The easy schedule is in front of them. They took advantage against Houston. Can they beat Chicago (2 at home) and Minnesota (4 on the road?

  • Up to the minute Wildcard standings.

  • Ubaldo has been great. Will the Indians plow through this opening or let it slip away as they have under pressure in other seasons? Maybe Francona is the difference maker this year.



4Q: Ohio State coasted against Florida A&M

  • If there was a mercy rule, this game should’ve been called after the 1st quarter.

  • Braxton kept out of the game to prevent further injury on a wet field.

  • Team doesn’t look like it misses him at all. Guiton has really played well and taken advantage of this opportunity.

  • What will Urban do when Braxton is ready to play again? Will he play the hot hand?

  • #23 Wisconsin comes to Columbus Saturday night.


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