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The Browns just can’t beat Big Ben and the Steelers. The positive thoughts from just a few weeks ago seem a long ways off now. We’ll recap the game and talk about the situation in Columbus, which looks much brighter for the Buckeyes. It’s GameTime!

Hosts: Mike KresicTom Kresic

Running Time: 38:02



1Q: Browns embarassed at home

  • Browns lay an egg, losing to the Steelers at home 27-11.

  • Big Ben continues to make us pay for not drafting him. With the exception of that Thursday night game in 2009, he’s never lost a game to us.

  • Let’s not pretend the offense is the only problem on this team. Where was the pass rush?



2Q: Browns need another QB. Again.

  • Team looking at Caleb Haney to be backup QB now that Weeden has to start again (Campbell concussion).

  • People mad that Chud doesn’t get angry at post-game press conference after these terrible performances. Guess the honeymoon is over?



3Q: Buckeyes rout the Hoosiers

  • Another strong start led to a victory. Bank this one to OSU, 42-14.

  • Winning streak extends to 23 straight.

  • Braxton with a big run on 1st drive led to a Hyde score.

  • Braxton scored one by himself on the 2nd drive.

  • Blocked punt led to another Braxton rushing TD. 28-0 at the half.

  • OSU dominated this game from start to finish. The 2 late scores were not indicative of the rout that this was. Great performance by the defense kept Indiana out of the end zone on their 1st seven drives, including several stops on 4th down.

  • Was it enough to hold off #4 Baylor?

  • It’s Michigan week. They suck.



4Q: BCS Title Chances

  • Michigan State versus Ohio State in the Big Ten Championship after the Spartans clinched the Legends Division title on Saturday.

  • It helps OSU’s chances that MSU is doing well, provided we win that game.

  • But we need Bama or FSU to lose to get into the title game.

  • Bama travels to #4 Auburn this week.

  • FSU travels to Florida, who just lost to a non-FCS team! (Georgia Southern)

  • Then the conference title games await.

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