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The Seahawks crush Denver in SuperBowl XLVIII. And now the Browns want to be like them. They also nab an Offensive Coordinator for Coach Pettine. The Indians equipment trucks made their way to GoodYear, so Spring Training is not that far off. And that’s a good thing because the Cavs are falling apart in a big way. It’s GameTime!

Hosts: Mike KresicTom Kresic

Running Time: 45:59




1Q: SuperBowl XLVIII Recap

  • QBs win games. Defense wins championships. This was no contest from the opening snap. Seemed like a home game for Seattle.

  • They were all over Manning and hit his receivers HARD.

  • Russell Wilson was mobile enough to escape from pressure and make plays when he needed to move the chains.

  • Percy Harvin played in one full game all year and made it count. Denver couldn’t account for his speed.

  • Awful tackling all game long, including on a TD pass and the Kick Return.


2Q: Browns Hire Shanahan

  • Coaching staff is in place. Aren’t you glad they didn’t announce Adam Gase as their new HC after that SuperBowl performance by Denver’s offense?

  • What will the personality of the offense be?

  • Rumors already suggest Kirk Cousins will be traded and want to link him (and Matt Shaub) here due to connections with Shanahan. Browns won’t do this, will they?

  • Team said to be trying to model itself after Seattle. How nice. But in what way?



3Q: Cavs Drama

  • What is going on with the Cavs?

  • Kyrie wants out.

  • Deng says there is no control here (player rips off jersey at halftime and says he won’t play in second half. player gets kicked out of practice but still gets his normal minutes the next game).

  • Mike Brown does not have the respect of the players.

  • Gilbert is nowhere to be found.

  • Grant saying there won’t be major trades before the deadline.

  • How much longer can this go on?


4Q: Equipment Trucks in Goodyear

  • Spring Training is just ahead.

  • Masterson and team still far apart and heading towards arbitration.

  • Ubaldo still unsigned but probably gone. Kazmir already gone.

  • Lineup could look like this: Masterson, Kluber, McAlister, Salazar and Carrasco.

  • Santana will get a look at 3B this year.

  • What will a healthy Bourn and Swisher mean? Or is Swisher on the downside already?

  • Francona hasn’t met our closer yet (John Axford).

  • Pestano rehabilitating from injury and a bad year that Francona partially attributes to playing in the World Baseball Classic (WBC) last March.

  • David Murphy is the new RF.



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