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The rumors are swirling about the Browns. Will they draft Johnny Football or won’t they? If not, who are they going to take? Offensive weapons or more defense for Coach Pettine? While they are just getting started, the Indians are having a hard time closing it out lately. What’s wrong with the Tribe? It’s GameTime!


Hosts: Mike KresicTom Kresic

Running Time: 46:30



1Q: Will it be Johnny Football?

  • Tuesday night, Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer reports the Browns will NOT take Manziel.
  • Is he the guy to change the fortunes of this franchise? We haven’t had a top notch QB since Bernie and that was a long time ago.
  • Vince Young and Tyler Thigpen both signed last week. Will both or either make the roster?
  • Some theories on why a QB may be picked in the 1st round (5th year option eligibility for 1st round picks plus franchise tag means you can control that player for six years)
  • So is Derek Carr or Teddy Bridgewater a likely option at #26 as opposed to pick #35 in round 2?
  • For that reason, probably rule out a trade for Kirk Cousins (who is three years in to his rookie contract already). Unless they move him for some 2nd round picks.

2Q: What should the Browns do at #4

  • Who else needs a QB? Who might still be on the board at #26?
  • Can the Jaguars really pass up Manziel at #3?
  • Watkins at #4 would look great with Gordon, Cameron and Tate.


3Q: What must the Browns do with the other picks

  • How would you prioritize the needs from these positions? WR, FB, OL, CB, LB, DL, QB
  • In free agency, we’ve added players at WR, LB, S, RB and QB.

4Q: Indians Not Closing It Out

  • should have swept the homestand, but Axford blew a pair of saves on Sunday/Monday to ruin great starts from Kluber & McAllister.
  • some roster changes.
  • George Kottaras hit two HRs in his 1st two at bats with the Tribe on Sunday. First Indian to do that. (31yo has been around since being drafted in 2004). But he was sent back down to minors on Tuesday to make room for Josh Tomlin.
  • Kluber was dominant on Sunday. 13 Ks over 8 innings including 7 strikeouts in a row (team record). But he took the loss.
  • Gomes coming back from paternity leave (congrats). But Bourn and Kipnis are out with injuries.
  • Swisher sucks. There, I said it.


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