As expected, the Cavs make a change at Head Coach and fire Mike Brown. What does this mean for their chances of keeping LeBron? Who is on the list? We’ve got that covered and some Tribe talk, too.

1st Quarter: Mike Brown has been fired as coach of the Cavs. What went wrong? Was it all his fault?

2nd Quarter: Who will the Cavs select to take over for him? Do they pick from one of these groups?

  • proven track record (Phil Jackson, Doc Rivers, Larry Brown)
  • NBA retread (Byron Scott, Jeff Van Gundy, Avery Johnson)
  • former Cavs coaches (Mike Fratello, Lenny Wilkens)
  • college coach (Izzo, Coach K, Calipari)
  • up-and-coming assistant (many names)

3rd Quarter: Everyone seems to have an opinion on where LeBron will go. This week, even former Browns’ great Jim Brown felt the need to chime in.

4th Quarter: It’s almost Memorial Day, so the MLB season is about 1/3 over. The Tribe is fighting for last place in the AL Central. Is it just us, or is baseball in a slump in terms of popularity right now?

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