More changes in the Cavs’ front office as GM Danny Ferry steps down. An umpire blows a perfect game on the final out. And World Cup 2010 is upon us this week. It’s GameTime!!!

1st Quarter: Danny Ferry and the Cavs part ways. What does this mean to the team and their ability to persuade LeBron James to stay? What does this mean for the next Coach of the team?

2nd Quarter: How would you grade Ferry as a GM? In his five years, the team advanced to their first-ever NBA Finals. But did he succeed at surrounding LBJ with enough talent?

3rd Quarter: Detroit’s Armando Gallarga threw a perfect game against the Tribe last week. Well, everyone except the 1st Base umpire saw it that way. Will MLB finally expand the use of instant replay to prevent these kinds of travesties?

4th Quarter: Are you ready for some football? No, not the American kind. World Cup 2010 begins this week and the whole world is ready. Team USA will be there. How will they fare? Who will win the Cup this year? Do you even care?

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