Canton Ohio takes center stage this week as it’s time for the NFL Hall of Fame inductions.

1Q: Trading Deadline in Major League Baseball kept the Tribe busy last week

  • Peralta, Kearns, Westbrook and Wood are all officially former Indians

2Q: Football – Training Camp Underway

3Q: NFL HOF Induction Week
  • It should be quite a memorable weekend in Canton this week as the Class of 2010 gets inducted into the NFL HOF
  • Two all-time greats lead this year’s class in Jerry Rice, the greatest receiver of all time, who owns a dizzying number of records, NFL, SuperBowl and 49ers.
  • And one of the best (though not Jim Brown) running backs in Emmitt Smith.  The former Dallas Cowboy owns his share of NFL records.
4Q: LBJ in Cleveland when season starts?
  • UPDATE: since recording the show, the official schedule information became available. We now know that the Heat will not come to town until December 2nd.

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