The Browns look good in their first preseason test. The Buckeyes gear up for another championship run. And the Tribe has a bad week at home. It’s GameTime!

1st Quarter: The Browns offense comes out firing against the Packers.

  • Delhomme, Wallace, Ward impress.
  • Colt struggles
  • Dawson seals the win.

2nd Quarter: Should we read too much into one preseason game, or is this a sign that there is hope?

  • No teams game plan in preseason.
  • Most teams play vanilla with defensive AND offensive packages.
  • As an example, Dabol was not about to show how he will use Wallace & Cribbs.

3rd Quarter: OSU picked #2 in preseason polls. Will the Buckeyes live up to the hype? What will Tressel do?

  • 16 starters return to this year’s squad.
  • Many vets on offense. Will Tressel open up the offense for Pryor?
  • Tressel’s track record of winning games when leading at 1/2 is pretty great.

4th Quarter: The Tribe struggles against two of the weaker teams at home. This is just part of the learning experience for the young players.

  • Hafner comes off DL to hit a grand slam and salvage a weekend series against Seattle.
  • 2-4 against Baltimore and Seattle on the last home stand.

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