In this special episode, we’re joined by Dave Lee and Ryan Rudgers from the Sports Unleashed podcast to talk about the 1st half of the 2011 Major League Baseball season. We’ll discuss the pleasant surprises and the major disappointments. We’ve also got predictions for the second half.   It’s GameTime!

American League:

  • Review and look-ahead.
  • Is this a race of the haves (Red Sox, Yankees) and the have-nots?

National League:

  • Review and look-ahead.
  • Are the Giants using smoke and mirrors to lead the West with their offensive problems so far?
  • Can the Braves overtake the Phillies?
  • What does Ryan really think about the Dodgers?

Playoffs and World Series Predictions:

  • Do any of us see the Tribe making it into the post-season?
  • Is it a lock that Boston or New York will win the AL Pennant or is there hope for someone else?
  • Can Dave’s Angels overtake Texas and win the West?


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