The Browns used a combination of great defense and terrible offense to beat Seattle. Hey, it worked this week at least. Plus, Mike chimes in with thoughts on the BigTen at the middle of the season. It’s GameTime!


Qtr1: The Browns defense played terrific. There is hope but a few more players would be nice.

Qtr2: Colt doesn’t show signs of improving in any area. The guys around him haven’t helped much either. Mike is tired of the ‘we didn’t have a preseason’ or ‘Colt is still really a rookie’ excuses. San Francisco is 5-1 with their new HC and offense. Enough already!

Qtr3: The Buckeyes await Wisconsin after their Hail Mary loss to MSU. In this down year for the Buckeyes, which team will represent the BigTen as champs? The biggest surprise is that there isn’t a clear choice right now.

Qtr4: Hello World Series? Are you out there? Cleveland hasn’t noticed. Plus the NFL needs flex scheduling so we don’t get stinker games in primetime. We got two of them this weekend.


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