The NCAA hands down sanctions against OSU’s football program. Meanwhile, Urban Meyer has been grabbing top recruits. Will the penalties handed out affect the draft class? Plus, a recap of the Browns’ week on and off the field. Neither was very encouraging. This, plus local hoops talk and more! It’s GameTime!


Qtr1: A Bowl ban and the loss of scholarships await Urban Meyer in his 1st year as Head Coach in Columbus. Tressel gets a ban of his own. What’s next for the Buckeyes?

Qtr2: Senecca moves the Offense early. But we’ve seen this ending before. Actually, we saw it against Cincinnati a few weeks ago!

Qtr3: Mike Holmgren ruffles feathers with a condescending press conference. Shurmur is evasive about the concussion. Wasn’t this supposed to be better under this regime? Why all this turmoil?

Qtr4: OSU, CSU and Akron hoops. Thad Matta has to worry about Sullinger’s bruised foot, while CSU and Akron must overcome tough losses.


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