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It’s our 200th show! We’re talking about NBA free agency as Decision 2.0 is holding up all signings in the NBA. What will the Cavs do if Lebron comes back? Or if he stays in South Beach? The Browns have problems of their own with their two highest-profile players. And the Indians are nearing the break. Will they fare better in the season’s second half? Lots to talk about. It’s GameTime!

Hosts: Mike KresicTom Kresic

Running Time: 48:30




1Q: Lebron and Decision 2.0

  • Will he come back or stay in Miami? Rumors everywhere, but no one knows.
  • Most expect announcement this week, after he meets with Pat Riley.
  • Either way, the decision will trigger several roster moves as the Cavs try to continue their rebuild or try to acquire other pieces to go with LBJ.
  • Chris Bosh looking at a max deal with Houston. Does he know something we don’t?
  • Why would Wade give up the guaranteed $$$ and opt out?



2Q: What The Cavs Must Do

  • If LBJ signs here, do you move Dion? Wiggins? Draft Picks? Would you move all of those or is there a limit to what you do to get a Kevin Love in return?
  • Zeller, Karasev, Jack, or some combination of them or others will have to be cut to make room to sign LBJ to a max deal.
  • Do the Cavs have a Plan B?



3Q: Browns Woes with Manziel and Gordon

  • Gordon arrested for DUI, driving a car registered to PJ Hairston (kicked off of UNC’s hoops team). This is on top of his other problems this offseason.
  • Manziel caught in photo that raises questions about drug use.
  • Neither have heeded team warnings. Haslam told him to cool it, but it hasn’t changed anything.
  • Meanwhile, Brian Hoyer pursues a new contract with the Browns.



4Q: Indians Near the Break

  • Brantley voted to AL AllStar Team. Corey Kluber is one of five that fans can vote in. He’s up against tough competition and unlikely to make it in.
  • Justin Masterson put on the DL after third consecutive start pulled after a few innings.
  • Kluber is the only starter from Opening Day still in the rotation (Masty – DL, Carrasco – bullpen, McAllister and Salazer – AAA Columbus)
  • The Indians are 43-45 going into Tuesday’s action. That puts them in 3rd place in the AL Central, 6.5GB division-leading Detroit.



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