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The Cleveland Gladiators are Arena Bowl Bound! The City will host the Championship Game here on August 23rd. That’ll be a busy day with the Browns and Indians playing home games. And that’s the day the Kevin Love deal can become official. Wow, lots to talk about. It’s GameTime!


Hosts: Mike KresicTom Kresic

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1Q: The Gladiators will host the Arena Bowl

  • The train keeps on rolling as the Gladiators beat Orlando 56-46.
  • It’s the 10th straight win and 19th out of 20 for the good guys.
  • Orlando fumbled the ball away three times, missed two PATs and that was enough.
  • We’ll host the Arena Bowl on 8/23 against Arizona.
  • Indians host Astros at 7:05. Browns host Rams at 8PM. Gladiators in Arena Bowl at 8PM. Whoa.

2Q: Johnny Football. What did you think?

  • About what we should have expected, right? Takes off running after first read. No patience (or ability) to go through progressions just yet. Tries to make plays with his legs. RG3 was like this. Has to be trained not to do this in the NFL. Wilson figured it out in SEA.
  • Hoyer looked anxious. Some of his throws were too high.
  • 1st team defense did not impress. Lions easily able to move the ball on them.
  • There’s no game planning in pre-season and no coaches are showing anything tricky yet either. So let’s not overreact please.
  • Rookie CB Desir struggled, too.
  • ST could not cover kick offs very well at all. Not a surprise since you have so many new guys playing ST, maybe for the first time in their careers. There is time to get this corrected.
  • Considering Pettine has had guys playing in pads since the 3rd practice and tackling, there were a lot of sloppy and missed tackles in this one.


3Q: Is the Grossman Signing Significant?

  • Running game: Tate/West looked decent.
  • Team signs Rex Grossman and waives Tyler Thigpen.
  • Is it possible that they would waive Hoyer and keep Manziel/Grossman/Shaw?
  • If Hoyer and Manziel are essentially similar and Hoyer’s experience is not a significant edge, then would they keep two guys on the roster?
  • Manziel is clearly the owner’s choice. Unless he proves to be a bust, why keep Hoyer around? Food for thought.


4Q: Indians Updates

  • Traded Pestano to Angels for a minor league RH Class-A pitcher. Vinnie was one of best setup men a few years ago, but his performance fell off sharply after an undisclosed injury.
  • The McAllister bus between CLE and Columbus remains busy as they keep shuffling him around.
  • Nick Swisher and David Murphy put on 15 day DL.
  • Progressive Field changes announced. Most people’s reaction: how does this make the team play better?



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