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The Browns set NFL and team records in their improbable comeback victory in Nashville. We will recap that huge win and talk about the Buckeyes, who looked great against Maryland over the weekend. Oh, what a weekend of upsets in college football it was. It’s GameTime!


Hosts: Mike KresicTom Kresic

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1Q: Browns monumental comeback victory

  • Browns keep things interesting with another game that goes to the wire, beating Tennessee in the last 1:09 of the game 29-28
  • What’s working for us: Offense
  • What’s not working: Defense and Special Teams
  • Hoyer’s abilities and his protection and reading his progressions (He has 8th best QBR thus far in the NFL)
  • We knew turnovers were going to happen, but throwing into double coverage or the long ball is not good decision making especially when we’re trailing (or was it just as good as a punt given that it was 3rd down and he heaved it 45 yards)
  • Falling behind 28-3 early. Cheap shot on Locker forced Charlie Whitehurst into the game. Looked great initially, including the long bomb. But he was terrible afterwards.
  • Tate returns and has 22 carries for 123 yards. No TD’s but missed one by a yard. Having three good backs is a nice problem to have. How Shanahan finds enough carries for all of them will be interesting to watch as the season unfolds.

2Q: Can the Browns put together four good quarters?

  • Pettine needs to give his halftime speech at pre-game
  • Nice to see that this team doesn’t roll over and play dead, but how can they not get into these situations in the first place.
  • Props go to Shanahan for his play calling, but O’Neil needs to get his guys firing on all cylinders early and not wait for the second half. This is not the first game where we’ve seen the defense come out and play like a different corp after the half
  • Benjamin? Keep him or no? Great TD catches but also dropped kick returns
  • Some better plays by the receiver squad; is this due to Hoyer’s accuracy, better communications or lousy D on TN?
  • Haden injured (hip), Gilbert only played 9 plays. Phil Taylor (knee)

3Q: Buckeyes trounce Maryland

  • OSU 52, Maryland 24
  • JT Barrett continues to improve and threw 4 TDs and 267 yards passing, 71 rushing and a rushing TD.
  • RB Ezekiel Elliott ran for 139 yards on 24 carries.
  • Defense had 4 INTs.
  • Boneheaded decision by Maryland HC Randy Edsall to allow his QB to throw from 2 yard line with 1min remaining in 1st Half. Pass was picked off and OSU got an easy TD to go up 31-10 at the half.

4Q: Wild Saturday in College Football

  • First time since the AP has been ranking teams (75+ years?) that five of the top 8 lost in the same weekend.
  • #16 USC lost on Hail Mary (defender never leapt. looked like he was fair catching a punt. WR stepped right in front of him)
  • #8 UCLA lost to UTAH at home 30-28. (Utes were starting a new QB).
  • Great day for State of Mississippi. #11 Ole Miss upset #3 Alabama 23-17 and #12 Miss. St upset #6 Texas A&M 48-31.
  • #2 Oregon lost to Arizona Thursday 31-24.
  • #25 TCU beat #4 Oklahoma 37-33.
  • #17 Wisconsin lost to Northwestern.
  • The Brady Hoke watch continues as the Wolverines lost to Rutgers.
  • New poll rankings have OSU up five spots to #15.
  • Buckeyes host Rutgers on Saturday.


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