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The Buckeyes advanced to the College Football Championship Game with their stunning comeback win over Alabama. Now it will be the Bucks and Ducks on Monday for the whole ball of wax. In NBA news the Cavs pulled off a pair of trades to acquire defensive help. Dion Waiters was sent packing in the process. The NFL Playoffs are underway while the Browns may be in the market for a new Offensive Coordinator. Plenty of sports to talk about in the first show of the new year. It’s GameTime!


Hosts: Mike KresicTom Kresic

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1Q: Buckeyes Roll Tide

  • Ohio State 42, Alabama 35
  • Cardale Jones doesn’t look like the moments are too big for him. He played well after a slow start to lead the Buckeyes to some big scores, including a stretch where we scored 28 straight points.
  • Ezekiel Elliott cannot be a forgotten man, as he sometimes is late in the game. His 85 yard TD in the 4th qtr helped seal this one.
  • Zeke scored our 1st TD on a rush up the middle on the first play after our Center went out with an injury.
  • Our WR corps is a physical unit. They make tough catches, they block and tackle, too.
  • The Michael Thomas TD pass to Evan Spencer on the trick play was HUGE with a spectacular job by Spencer to get his foot cleanly down.
  • Devin Smith caught the 47yd TD pass from Jones when the defender fell down. Smith has been playing big in our big games.



2Q: Bucks and Ducks in the Title Game

  • Urban said that Wisconsin’s win against Auburn earlier in the day was huge. He used it to show the squad how a team they KILLED in the B1G title game was able to defeat a team that had given Alabama trouble this year.
  • Heisman Trophy QB Marcus Mariota and the potent Oregon offense await the Buckeyes in Dallas. You can bet this will not be a defensive struggle.
  • Oregon routed Florida St 59-20, scoring 27 pts in the 3rd qtr.
  • Oregon capitalized on 5 FSU turnovers to take a close game at halftime into a rout before the 3rd Qtr ended.
  • Can the Bucks defense do anything to slow down the Ducks? Will they wear out by the 2nd half?
  • Cardale Jones must stay turnover free. Oregon scores quick when you give them the rock.
  • Steve Miller took the money (football) and ran the pick 6 into the end zone on a play where he perfectly dropped into coverage and stood exactly where Sims threw to Cooper.



3Q: Cavs Hurting and Trading

  • Wild Thing, LBJ, Kyrie all hurt.
  • Team losing games.
  • Rumors of internal problems between players and Coach Blatt
  • Cavs needed to do something, and on this week made a couple of deals.
  • Locker room and on the court problem child Dion Waiters was traded, as expected. Shumpert and his permiter D coming to town. JR Smith, a knucklehead, comes here, too. Is he a throw in that we’ll dump in a future move?
  • 7’ 1” Center Timofey Mozgov acquired from Denver for two picks, including the one we got in the Waiters trade.
  • These moves were about defense. The Cavs have been dreadful there all year and this got worse when Wild Thing was lost for the season.
  • Smith gives them some scoring off the bench. Whether he gets serious and buys in now that he is on a title contender remains to be seen.
  • Shumpert has had some injury history but is the wing defender the team has been looking for. He’ll go into the starting lineup most likely.



4Q: NFL playoffs

  • One bad thing about a Pittsburgh/Baltimore playoff matchup is that they both made it instead of us. But the one good thing is one has to lose. In this case, the Steelers lost on their home turf. Losing Leveon Bell hurt so much that they had to sign Ben Tate.
  • Ravens head to New England this weekend.
  • Bengals still can’t win a playoff game under Marvin Lewis and Andy Dalton. They fall to a less-than-impressive Colts team. Luck and the Colts head to Denver.
  • Tony Romo wins a game in the 4th quarter despite the controversial Pass Interference call against Dallas that was mysteriously picked up. But the Cowboys beat the Lions, who still can’t win playoff games, and head to Lambeau to play the Packers.
  • The sub-500 NFC South “champ” Carolina Panthers barely beat an Arizona team without a QB who set a record for worst offense in an NFL playoff game. They will go and lose to Seattle this weekend.




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