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It’s a mess in Berea as reports surface with details about TextGate. Will the Browns lose a draft pick? Will Ray Farmer be fined and/or suspended? Wasn’t it supposed to be a quiet offseason? Oh yeah, our QB is in rehab and our star WR is suspended for a year. At least the Cavs are riding an 11 game winning streak. It’s GameTime!


Hosts: Mike KresicTom Kresic

Running Time: 40:12



1Q: Browns in Trouble

  • Manziel checks into rehab. The details of his problems go back a long way.
  • Gordon failed “random” drug test when he arrived in Vegas (flight where he posted on Instagram that he was partying with the receivers. Duh.). Then he pens a letter saying he doesn’t have a problem.
  • Team issues statement on Gordon’s suspension. Apparently there are no plans to cut him.

2Q: Browns GM Faces Fine, Suspension

  • The Browns could be in serious trouble for ‘textgate’.
  • Major dysfunction in Berea that starts with Jimmy Haslam and everyone seems to want out. (Kyle Shanahan already got his release. Jordan Cameron apparently not interested in returning either).
    • Haslam and Scheiner watching game film with Pett?
    • LaCanfora: “The culture in the Browns building is toxic, I’m told. Morale is beyond low. If you can flee, you are fleeing. ”
  • How long before the next house-cleaning?
  • Jimmy Haslam is the only constant. He replaced his last dysfunctional front office regime and we have another one on our hands.

3Q: Wild SuperBowl Finish

  • New England 28, Seattle 24. Our predictions were pretty close as this one turned out.
  • Close game early. Seattle took 10 pt lead into 4th quarter before Patriots came back.
  • So much for Legion of Boom defense. They had injuries going in and then suffered two more in the game (by guys that made INTs).
  • Ridiculous play call to throw the ball there. You need <1 yard. Wasted a lot of time making the play call. Still had one timeout. Hand it to Lynch 2x. Or do a read option with Wilson and Lynch. The one thing you DON’T do is throw it there.

4Q: Cavs Stay Hot

  • Lebron injured his wrist against Detroit. Sat out against Portland but Kyrie carried the team.
  • Cavs didn’t take TWolves seriously and Andrew Wiggins was trying to send a message to Cavs that we screwed up in trading him. Lebron made sure there was no upset in that one, taking over in the 4th.
  • K-Love still not finding his groove with the club. He gets plays called for him in the 1st qtr and then kinda disappears each night. I think he’ll be better when they move JR Smith to the bench.

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