The Cavs top the NBA’s best team in a game that had playoff intensity. Then they drop the next two without Kyrie and some bad free throw shooting from Lebron. Can they right the ship with 4 games in 5 nights this week? Meanwhile, can the Browns do anything right lately? From botched logo redesigns to signing a QB that just wants to be a mentor, the guys in Berea aren’t winning the publicity game. We’ll recap the week that was. It’s GameTime!


Hosts: Mike KresicTom Kresic

Running Time: 43:02





1Q: Josh McCown

  • Brian Hoyer is out, 35 year old Josh McCown in.
  • Hoyer wanted to be a starter. McCown is happy to be a mentor. So we opted for a guy who is not interested in fighting for a job?
Long list of Browns QBs since 1999. This needs some updating... again.

Long list of Browns QBs since 1999. This needs some updating… again.



2Q: Browns Logo Change

  • A bolder shade of orange. A brown face mask. And this required a press conference?
  • No imagination at all.
  • The Browns continue to be an embarrassment in everything they do. National media mocked us, justifiably, for the logo ‘change’.
  • This isn’t why you want to be on the Tonight Show.



3Q: Cavs Falter

  • Impressive win against the Warriors. Team effort, but defense gives up easy buckets too often.
  • Kyrie injured his shoulder, missed the next two games.
  • Blatt sat LBJ the next night against Indiana, team plane had problems. Expected, and got, a letdown loss in that one.
  • Another good game against a tough Houston team on Sunday until late in 4th and OT where Cavs reverted to 2008 version of themselves. Lebron dribbles for 22 seconds while other 4 guys stand in corners. Then he hoists a 3 pointer. WE CAN’T HAVE THIS ANYMORE. There are more talented guys on this team now.


4Q: Lebron vs Harden

  • This became a game of Lebron trying to show up Harden for MVP.
  • LBJ had 37 pts, but it took 35 shots (15-35) to get those. He can’t shoot that much. NOBODY should shoot that much.
  • If Blatt can’t fix this come 2nd rd of playoffs, expect more of the same.
  • JR Smith played 51 minutes. Mozgov only 18 mins and not in late at all. Kendrick Perkins DNP. Weird rotations out of Blatt on this one.
  • James Harden suspended one game for kicking Lebron in the nuts.
  • The brutal schedule continues this week with two more back-to-backs and 4-in-5 nights.
    • TUES – Cavs host Boston TUES.
    • WED – @Toronto
    • FRI – @Atlanta
    • SAT – Phoenix



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