The Cavs are facing elimination as the NBA Finals shifts back to Cleveland for a crucial sixth game. Do the Cavs have anything left in the tank to send this back to Oakland? They won’t lose for a lack of effort, that’s for sure. We’re talkin’ Cavs. It’s GameTime!


Hosts: Mike KresicTom Kresic

Running Time: 37:17




1Q: Cavs are on the Brink

  • Dropped two straight and now face elimination as the series comes back to Cleveland for Game 6.
  • Kerr is dictating terms in this series, and we’ve been trying to play small ball. Mozgov barely played in GM5 after posting career best 28 pts in GM4, though that WAS a blowout loss.
  • Mike Miller has played a little (and been helpful). The starters need rest. Shump and LBJ are playing huge minutes.


2Q: Injuries Finally Catching Up to Cavs

  • Too much reliance on LBJ to score and defend. He’s either scored or assisted on a HUGE percentage of our points. Teammates just unable to consistently put ball into basket.
  • Imagine if GS had two top players missing. They are struggling to beat us as it is.
  • JR Smith looked like he got it going in the first half in GM5 but then he disappeared yet again. He’s been a big disappointment. He’s not injured, yet he’s not giving us the help we so desperately need at the offensive end with Kyrie and Love out.


3Q: Lebron’s Not Worried

  • Lebron says he’s not worried because he’s the best basketball player in the world.
  • He’s carried this team more than any other on his back. It’s impressive that we got this far.
  • Grumblings (never when you’re winning, of course) that Blatt isn’t playing enough of the veterans. Neither Kendrick Perkins or Shawn Marion have played at all in this series.
  • You can see the toll it’s taking on guys like Delly. Shump is playing great, trying to keep either Curry or Thompson from going off on offense.


4Q: The Scheduling Nightmare that is the NBA

  • It’s all about the ratings, and the networks dictate when these games are played. How else can you explain games in Cleveland two nights after playing in Oakland?
  • People have taken notice.
  • Lebron’s Unfathomable Workload


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