The Cavs season did not have the fairy tale ending, but it was a heckuva fun ride this year. Now they look to the future with free agency and the Draft looming. Meanwhile the Browns signed a former Buckeye QB… to play WR. And the Indians still can’t beat the Tigers. It’s GameTime!


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1Q: Cavs Season Fell Just a Bit Short

  • The injuries were just too much to overcome as the Cavs finally ran out of gas to a quick Golden State squad. It was a great season with a lot of things that we will remember fondly.
  • Kyrie’s 57 pt effort in the OT win against the Spurs on the road.
  • The blowout win over the Memphis Grizzlies.
  • The blowout over the Clippers that got Chris Paul in trouble with the female ref.
  • The trades that brought Mozgov, Shumpert and Smith here and ignited out run.
  • The court-length passes from Lebron to Love and Love to Lebron.
  • The sweeps of the Celtics and Hawks and the buzzer beaters in the Bulls series.
  • Delly-Mania as he shut down Curry early in the Finals.

2Q: What’s Next for the Cavs

  • JR Smith, Love and Lebron can all opt out of their contracts. Love did on Wednesday. Each is expected to do so.
  • Love and Lebron expected to resign with the Cavs to get the bigger contracts (likely just for one year).
  • If Smith pursues free agency, David Griffin will have to decide how badly we want him back and at what price. Or he can lure someone else here.
  • We have the 24th pick in Thursday’s draft and the huge contract (Brendan Haywood @ $10M non-guaranteed) to dangle in a trade to get someone else here. Count on Griff to use that somehow.
  • Mozgov’s contract option picked up (no brainer) for $5M
  • No way Dwyane Wade comes here, right? He’s just angling to get something more in Miami. Or perhaps he goes to the Lakers to finish his career with Kobe?


3Q: Tribe Time

  • You thought the Dolans owned the Indians. But apparently so do the Tigers.
  • This is like a home away from home for them. They are 8-3 this season against us and 35-15 since 2013 after Wednesday’s games.
  • Tribe is 14-22 in the AL Central and 15-23 at home this year.
  • Francisco Lindor finally called up. Almost begrudgingly by the Front Office. Maybe a move to try to get more fans in seats? This squad is largely a bunch of no-names and not connecting with the fans. The long Cavs season didn’t help. But the Indians just use excuses over and over. He hit a HR in today’s game.
  • Carlos Santana is hitting .214. A third lousy season in the last four. This guy was supposed to be our best hitter and cleanup hitter.
  • Michael Bourn, your leadoff hitter, is batting .237.
  • Michael Brantley has a bad back. Yan Gomes is coming off that knee injury that sidelined him for six weeks.
  • No offense. Scoring <2 runs in 26 out of 69 games this year. 6-20 in those games. Most of them feel like Kluber started.
  • David Murphy and Jason Kipnis having strong years. But this team was expected to contend this year and they are 8.5 GB Kansas City right now.

4Q: Any Pryor Experience Catching the Ball?

  • Terrelle Pryor claimed by Browns after getting cut by Bengals, who had just signed him. Apparently, Pryor tweeted video he shot of the Bengals mini-camp. Uhh, that’s a no-no.
  • Why would the Browns be interested in trying him out at WR? His 4.5 speed is making coaches drool. But you have to catch first, right?
  • Wouldn’t you think he deserves a shot at QB given that our quality and depth there is not even average. McCown, Manziel, Thad Lewis, Connor Shaw don’t exactly put fear into the eyes of opponents.
  • We spent more money upgrading the WR talent, with Bowe, Hartline and Hawkins expected to start and Gabriel, Benjamin, Vince Mayle and other undrafted guys looking for roster spots and special teams roles.
  • Friday August 7th is the Orange & Brown intrasquad scrimmage at Ohio Stadium in Columbus. All of the 60,000 seats they put on sale sold out in six hours.



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