The Cavs made shockwaves when they fired Head Coach David Blatt halfway through a season in which his team was leading the Eastern Conference with a 30-11 record. Assistant Coach Tyronn Lue takes over and he wants to get the Cavs running. The Browns are expected to cut ties with Johnny Manziel in March and they hired another Harvard graduate to their Front Office. It’s GameTime!


Hosts: Mike KresicTom Kresic

Running Time: 42:30




1Q: Cavs Fire Coach Blatt

  • Coach fired despite team going to game 6 of NBA Finals without Irving and Love and despite being in 1st place in the Eastern Conference and just getting all of their roster back and healthy.
  • GM David Griffin didn’t like what he saw in the locker room, which was basically that the team had stopped listening to their Coach. Lebron was allegedly deciding who to play, when to call timeouts, what plays to run.
  • Blowout loss to Golden State was probably just the last straw. Reports suggest the Christmas day loss to Golden State escalated this when Blatt made lineup changes without talking to the players. The following night the team was blown out in Portland when they looked completely disinterested. Yikes.


2Q: No More Excuses for Players

  • A team that isn’t happy when they win, but rallies when the chips are down? Can we get a shrink to the Q for these spoiled, rich NBA players?
  • A team that wasn’t listening to their Coach? That starts and stops with Lebron. If he’s leading by example, then none of this happens.
  • Players held a meeting after the firing and many spoke up saying Lebron needs to be accountable and there can’t be different rules for different players.
  • So far, the results have been good. But this is still the Honeymoon, right?


3Q: Browns Will Cut Ties with Manziel


4Q: SuperBowl 50

  • Denver 20 New England 18
  • Broncos and Patriots played a game for the ages. Another game where a missed kick impacted the final score. Ironically, Pats Owner Robert Kraft was the man pushing for the PAT rule change. And his kicker blew it. Otherwise, probably looking at OT in this one.
  • Carolina 49 Arizona 15
  • Panthers ran the Cardinals right out of their building. Carson Palmer played a horrible game and three Buckeyes were huge for Carolina (Ginn with a TD, Philly Brown with a long TD and Kurt Coleman with two INTs)
  • Who do you like in this one and why?


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