Tech News:

Apple WWDC News: iCloud

  • Automatically syncs your content to the cloud and pushes to your devices. No need to manually manage
  • iWork update pushed last week includes integration with iCloud. (via a new Documents app)
  • MobileMe is gone. Syncing of your mail, calendar and contacts automatically.
  • Six more apps. (Documents, Backup)
  • No hardware announcements today
  • This Fall (beta available today on iOS 4.3)
  • 5GB free
  • No charge for iTunes purchased content (music, apps, books or photo stream). Automatically available. Can redownload content purchased on (up to 10) devices.
  • $25/yr for cloud access to all of your ripped music (no need to upload them, iTunes will scan and match for you)

Tech Bookshelf:

  • The cloud comic on XKCD


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