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This marks the 100th episode of the IT Pro Show. We take a look back at our first episodes to see what was on the minds of IT Pros at the time. In two short years, it’s surprising to recall what words were not yet part of our daily vocabulary (cloud, byod) as well as some moves that have had major impacts (good and bad) on their organizations.


Episode 1: 7/19/2010

  • VMware was dropping prices, trying to stay ahead of Microsoft amidst new competition in the virtualization arena.

Episode 2: 7/26/2010

  • IBM was tops in Middleware; it’s contributions to Eclipse
  • IBM reorganized and moved System and Technology groups into software groups
  • More integrated solutions (shipping PURE and Watson)
  • Microsoft announced licensing ARM CPUs. This has come around two years later as their tablet and phone platforms became evident. We predicted a light Windows version (iOS-like) to extend the .Net enterprise developers. Good call.
  • Microsoft’s financial call hinted at tablets while Balmer remained mystified at the level of interest in iPad.

Episode 3: 8/2/2010

Troubled enterprise suppliers:

  • Avaya was still digesting $900M Nortel acqusition while Cisco and Microsoft kept investing.
  • BlackBerry’s major selling point in the enterprise was that it was “too secure”. We’ve since seen how resting on their laurels basically killed this company.

Episode 4: 8/9/2010

  • Oracle’s Larry was the best compensated from 2000-2010 with a cool $1.84 Billion.
  • HP’s Hurd was out due to bad expense reports. (still hurting)
  • Larry publicly yelled at HP’s board and hired Hurd
  • Oracle filed a 12 page complaint and sued Google for Java patents violations

Changes in storage, Part 1

  • FibreChannel dominated by Cisco and Brocade
  • EMC’s move to FCoE as 10G Ethernet got popular and cheap; and talked of iSCSI
  • Watch out for ports and density of cabling and dual paths in your racks.

Changes in storage, Part 2

  • Dell $1.15B acquisition for 3PAR, HP upped the offer.
  • Micron high speed SSD drives introduced at 360MB read, 44,000 iops
  • “Disks as the new tape” and when the price lines cross.


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