Executive Summary:

We’re recapping the themes from last week’s VMworld conference in San Francisco, talking about the exit of a major player in the printer business and getting ready for the launch of Windows Server 2012.

IT Pro News:

  • Lexmark exiting inkjet printer business and plans to layoff 1,700.
  • Windows Server 2012 launches on Sept 4. (cheat sheet)
    • Hyper-V replication
    • Server Core (command line)
    • 10-fold more PowerShell capabilities
    • Simple cluster setup
    • De-duplication
  • VMWare joins the OpenStack group for cloud standards
  • VMworld Recap
    • CEO transition from Maritz to Gelsinger.
    • No more vRAM after getting plenty of feedback. It was essentially a “use tax”.
    • vSphere 5.1 officially announced.
    • Get metrics to measure your performance.
    • Three areas to focus on to deliver more value to your business

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