Tech News:

  • Cisco’s Bates resigns to become CEO at Skype
  • IPv6 plan to upgrade all federal Web sites and e-government services
  • Organization to use new name LibreOffice, unless Oracle donates the brand
  • IBM High School, grades 9 – 14 and an Associate Degree
  • HP CEO from SAP Leo Apotheker?
  • Microsoft downgraded ahead of WinPhone 7 launch
  • Win Phone 7 on launches 10/11
  • LG delays tablet, Android 2.2 not good enough
  • BluRay at 17% of homes, who cares?

Tech Bookshelf:

  • Power: Why Some People Have It – and Others Don’t –  Jeffrey Pfeffer
Tech History:
  • we gave the history section the week off because nothing felt tech-worthy this time around 🙂

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  1. Guys,

    You say that Cisco just sold Skype? I'm pretty sure that Skype was just sold by E-Bay, not Cisco. In fact, I seriously doubt that Cisco ever owned Skype. You might want to check that.


  2. Chris-

    I don't believe we said Cisco ever owned Skype. We said they were sold off by eBay earlier this year. The only tie to Cisco is the addition of Tony Bates as Skype's new CEO. Mr. Bates comes from Cisco. If we confused you, we apologize.

    Thanks for the feedback and for being a listener of the podcast!

  3. Gentlemen,

    I have re-listened to that section of the show and now I understand. What happened was during the word "ebay" more than one of you were talking at the same time, so I didn't hear it. I (incorrectly) thought that you were saying Cisco once owned Skype. Next time, pass the conch around! 🙂

    Love the show, keep up the great work!


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