Executive Summary:

We’re breaking format this week to talk about tips for getting started as an IT Pro. If you are thinking about an IT career or have a son/daughter thinking about it as they get ready for college, we’ll share some of our experiences and advice. What do employers look for? What are the social media ramifications for your personal brand? What are some ways to get started? We’ve also got some books for the bookshelf that may be helpful in your journey.

Hosts: John KresicTom Kresic, Mike Kresic

Running Time: 57:05


IT Pro hiring and school advice

  • classes and approaches to IT: deep vs wide, math vs engineering

  • work experience vs. post-graduate work

  • Gear to buy, “labs” to test

  • THINGS THEY DON’T TEACH YOU: taxes, savings, marketing, humility, working on teams, IQ vs EQ, the performing arts

  • how to market yourself:

    • what are employers looking for?

    • the importance of the way you use social media

    • LinkedIn

  • certifications: are they the end-all, be-all?

  • jobs to seek: startup, consulting, your own company, contract work

IT Pro Bookshelf:


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